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The Association of James Braid Courses ("AOJBC")

Reduced Green Fees for Bangor St Deiniol GC members.

James Braid was involved in either the original design of or substantial restructuring of well over 300 golf courses primarily in Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland. The AOJBC is an arrangement between over 200 of these clubs whereby visitors from AOJBC clubs can play other such courses at the "Member Guest Rate" at the club being visited. Often this is 50% of the normal Green fee, at some clubs it is less than 50%. Bangor St Deiniol joined the AOJBC in early 2011.

Minimum Distance

There is no Minimum Distance restriction in the AOJBC.


Members can use this facility as frequently as they wish, there are no restrictions.

Limit on Numbers

There is no limit on numbers.


Contact the club being visited and make arrangements to play. Ensure you advise the club that this is under the AOJBC arrangement.

Bring evidence to the club being visited that you are a member of Bangor St Deiniol GC. A letter of introduction can be obtained from our Secretary Mr Tecs Davies.

Member Clubs

When we joined there were 115 clubs in the AOJBC as at November 2020 there are more than 300 including Gleneagles (Kings and Queens), Dalmahoy, St Enedoc and Hawkstone Park (Hawkstone course).

A list of these clubs is available in the Gents Locker Rooms and the Ladies Room, and also via the link below.

Visitors to Bangor

The AOJBC is very much a reciprocal arrangement and members of other AOJBC clubs are very welcome when they visit us. Please extend to such visitors a warm welcome, as they enjoy reduced Green Fees at our club.

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